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The Bill Walton Show is a forum for in-depth and thought-provoking conversations with leaders, thinkers, artists, entrepreneurs and activists. Smart, original and interesting people...lovers of freedom and the American idea.

Each week we look behind the curtain, exploring "complicated" things, how they are relevant and why they matter to our day-to-day lives.

Hosted by Bill Walton, a Wall Street veteran and Washington insider who spent time in Hollywood along the way, thousands of subscribers rely on The Bill Walton Show each week for a unique take on how money, culture, and power intersect to shape the economy, national security, and politics in our nation’s Capitol.

What Subscribers Say about The Bill Walton Show

“Thank you Bill for doing such brilliant and interesting programs. We look forward to each one, and hope you keep them going! We appreciate your inquisitive mind, and share this quality with you.”

“Absolutely love this program. Love truth and facts over popularism and emotionalism.”

Frightening episode [about the regulatory state], but I'm glad I listened.

“This video is so good. It put to words what is the truth! Makes my blood boil. Thank you for sharing this broadcast.”

“I'm an artist so I'd like to comment on the art that captures my attention so that I have to go back and pay more attention to the discussion.”

“My absolute favorite podcast — I’m always waiting for a new episode to emerge. From the classy jazz music opening to the highest intellectual dialogue the show truly enlightens and delights me. Thank you so much!”

“I instantly became hooked on Mr. Walton’s warmth and intelligent manner of interviewing his guests —  a nice contrast to the five-minutes of rehearsed talking points or shallow conversations we mostly hear in today’s news. Instead, by giving his remarkable guests air to let their discernible intellect breathe, every one of Mr. Walton’s shows are like opening a bottle of fine wine and where listening becomes a rich indulgence.”

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Podcast host; grizzled entrepreneur; frmr NYSE CEO; many many policy & arts boards; love dogs, Shakespeare, outdoors, sports, independent thinking & liberty